Good bacon starts with good pork and we are very careful where we source ours from.

All our bacon is dry-cured in the traditional manner for an authentic flavour, texture and colour. Our smoked streaky bacon took a Gold Award in 2013: but you can also enjoy our back bacon unsmoked if you prefer.

“…The very best bacon around – We recommend buying several packs and keeping in the freezer, so you always have some to hand” Kirsty, Mail Order


Smoked Back

BC01 250-300g

On average 10 rashers

£5.50 qty: Add

Unsmoked Back

BC02 250-300g

On average 10 rashers

£5.50 qty: Add

Smoked Streaky

BC03 250-300g

On average 12 – 15 rashers

£5.50 qty: Add