Cold Smoked Venison – Centuries of tradition from the Weald of Kent

Award Winning Sliced Smoked Venison by The Weald Smokery

Our award-winning smoked venison slices are a simply wonderful choice for any dining occasion, and not just because of the centuries-old tradition that is woven into our artisan process.

Taking the time and attention that we give to all our smoked products, our responsibly sourced haunch cuts are gently cured with our own carefully crafted blend of ingredients. Now wonderfully enriched and seasoned, each haunch is expertly cold smoked over oak shavings for up to seven days for a full-bodied flavour – all under the experienced eye of Tom, our head smoker.

It is this care to both the past and the present that allows the Weald Smokery team to present cold smoked venison which saw it recognised with a Two Star Gold Award in The Great Taste Awards 2017.

Sliced Smoked Venison Carpaccio with Beetroot

Though incredibly proud of our local roots on the Kent – East Sussex border, we take equal pride in the knowledge that our delicately intense smoked venison is enjoyed by discerning households throughout the UK.

Our recipes page gives a lovely little canape using a pack of our sliced smoked venison, while this carpaccio makes an ideal starter for four to six people:


  • 150g (6 oz) – Weald Smokery sliced smoked venison
  • 225g (8 oz) – small cooked beetroot
  • 1 tbsp – cooking olive oil
  • 2 tbsp – good quality balsamic vinegar
  • Pinch and grind – flaked salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 tbsp – crème fraiche (half-fat or full)
  • 1 tbsp – hot horseradish sauce (or freshly grated horseradish)
  • 1 tsp – fresh lemon juice
  • 25g (1 oz) – young watercress, trimmed washed and dried
  • Drizzle – extra virgin olive oil (for dressing the watercress)
  • Block – Parmesan Reggiano (or other favoured premium hard, dry cheese)


  • 1. Preheat your oven to 220°C (Fan 200°C / Gas 7)
  • 2. Trim, peel and quarter the beetroots
  • 3. In a heavy-bottomed roasting pan, toss together the prepared beetroots, cooking oil, balsamic vinegar and seasoning – cover the pan with kitchen foil and roast for 35 – 45 minutes (or until tender). Gently remove the foil, being very careful to avoid the steam, and place the beetroots in a dish to cool.
  • 4. While the beetroots are cooling, take the venison slices and arrange them across your serving plates. Feel free to tear and coil for artistic impression.
  • 5. Mix the crème fraîche, creamed or grated horseradish, lemon juice and flaked salt and pepper in a small bowl.
  • 6. Wearing lightly oiled gloves, arrange the beetroot on the plates.
  • 7. Generously drizzle the crème fraîche sauce over the venison and beetroots.
  • 8. Toss the watercress in a good quality extra virgin olive oil and scatter liberally over the plates.
  • 9. Add some freshly shaved parmesan and serve immediately

This dish is particularly delightful when served with a good quality sourdough, while leaving a pot of the crème fraiche sauce, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt and pepper available will allow your guests to adjust their own seasoning for the best experience.

Delicious Sliced Smoked Venison and more from the Weald to you

For dinner parties, a special occasion or just a treat for yourself and loved ones, order your sliced smoked venison for direct delivery from our smokery to your kitchen within a few days. Alternatively, you can call the Weald Smokery on 01580 879 601 to order your smoked venison, our other smoked meats, smoked cheese, smoked fish and our carefully curated gift baskets and hampers.

You can also contact us by email to info@wealdsmokery.co.uk.



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Ideal for 4 – 6 people as a starter


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