Kitchen gadgets to pie for

At Weald Smokery we are not just passionate about our smoked meats and smoked fish; we are passionate about food, cooking and everything that comes with it. Including the gadgets. Of course, with our very own bespoke brick-built kiln, we already have the best cooking gadget there possibly is. But the following selection choices are very impressive, and certainly worth making drawer, cupboard or worktop space for.

Avocado slicer

Avocado has never been as popular as it is today – not even in the mid-1970s when it first made a real impression on the shores of Britain. So popular has it been in fact, that in 2017, the number of hospital admissions for hand injuries caused by cutting this super-food saw doctors issue a warning over ‘avocado hand’.

Save your fingers and invest in a good quality ‘avo’ slicer; available for about £7 to £10 for something good. Also consider similar cutters for apples, melons and pineapples.

Dine Ink utensil set

Office workers the country over unite and tell forgotten utensil fury to fork off! You likely know how it is – you take the early morning trouble to make a great-tasting packed lunch, (perhaps enhanced by smoked salmon for a treat), only to forget your knife and fork. But wasted toil and immeasurable frustration do not have to be bothersome anymore.

With these fantastic and cheerfully affordable knife, fork and spoon pen attachments, you just slip the requisite utensil on your pen top and hey presto, reusable plastic cutlery to go.

Food thermometer

Cooking is fun, exciting and rewarding. But it is also essential to control the temperature – not just to make sure you get the right flavours out of the ingredients, but to also ensure everything is cooked properly. At Weald Smokery, expert temperature control helps us produce our award-winning smoked foods such as sliced smoked venison and our completely natural and undyed smoked haddock.

To stay on top of the heat in your kitchen, consider a good quality meat and fish thermometer with a well-sized probe, available for about £10 to £20.

Oil sprayer

Watching what we eat is all important for a healthy and active life, and eating good food made from only good ingredients is a sensible way to keep on track. However, it can still be all too easy to use too much sugar, salt, butter and oil on our foods. With an olive oil sprayer, we can have a little help and ensure just enough and not too much oil is added to our food.

You are not going to be too pressed to find a good quality oil sprayer, but you do not want to be spending more than about £10 or £12.

Bottle Loft

This is a fantastic little invention which could well prove invaluable. It is a magnetic bottle holder, (ideal for beers, tonic waters, carbonated drinks and juices etc), which attaches simply and quickly to the ceiling of a fridge.

Designed to take a six-pack, you can have more than one of these brilliant little gadgets which are widely available from about £12.

Heated knives and scoops

We have all likely struggled at one time or another to get ice cream out of its tub. Often thwarted by ice crystals and open lids, getting your scoop into the vanilla loveliness can be like going through the Siberian permafrost at times. But no more, with heat conducting scoops, (which are ideal for making meatballs, pastry balls and truffles too by the way), coming to our rescue.

Heated knives are also available, perfect for going through ‘morning-cold’ butter and making a surprising number of things easier to slice through. Both gadgets are priced from about £15 to £20.

As much as these great gadgets can help you get the best from your food, getting the best food in the first place is the most important thing. At Weald Smokery, we help you do just that. Order your favourite smoked foods online today, give us a call on 01580 879 601 if you have any questions or pop in to visit us at Mount Farm and take a look around our shop and deli and dine in our café.