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The Entertaining Gift Box


Sussex Cooked Ham: Half Ham Boneless – approx 2.5kg

Smoked Salmon: Sliced - 400g

Bacon: Smoked Back - 250g × 2

Charcuterie: Salami Selection - 150g

Cornish Charcuterie Rillette 125g

Black Bomber waxed cheddar 200g

Truffle Hunter Truffle Tagliatelle 250g

Bay Tree Chutney 320g

Tracklements Rich & Creamy Mayonnaise 245g

Olives et Al Dressing 250ml

Fine Cheese Company Crackers 125g

Olives et Al Olives 250g

Cambrook Cocktail Nuts 140g

Cheese Nibbles 120g

Frank's Luxury Butter Shortbread 180g

Frank's Traditional Fruit Cake 560g

Summerdown Mint Chocolate Collection 170g

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