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Hot smoking

Hot smoking

For our hot smoking, we had our kiln built by local craftsmen to our own specification which burns an open fire of seasoned Kent and Sussex oak. The process is so hands-on, our chief smoker chops the kindling and logs himself to make sure they’re exactly the right size for the grate and to maintain an even temperature.

The fire’s important because, uniquely, we rely on it to bring the meat or fish up to a cooking temperature as well as to produce smoke. To us, the traditional method of exposing the product to oak throughout the process creates a more authentic and balanced taste.

Our chief smoker’s expert eye and 20-odd years of experience means that he knows almost instinctively when to close up the fire and start the smoking stage.

Hot smoking gives fish a flaky texture, so our hot roast smoked salmon is actually cold smoked first to make it firm enough for slicing. We also hot-smoke chicken and duck which means it is cooked and ready to eat.