As well as our cheese, smoked fish and meats, and deli items, we stock a wide range of produce carefully chosen for our customers.

If we don’t have what you are looking for please let us know we will endeavour to locate it for you.

We have fantastic relationships with our suppliers and are continually sourcing new products for our customers.

Our suppliers include -

  • The Lighthouse Bakery 
  • Tracklements
  • The Bay Tree Company
  • Monty Bojangles
  • Charbonnel et Walker
  • Ouse Valley
  • Fratelli Camissa
  • Naked Spice Curry
  • The Real Pie Company
  • The Quality Cake Company
  • Dora Dumplings Cupcakes
  • Franks Biscuits
  • Madelaines Marshmallows