Treat Yourself to Craster Kippers with a Unique Smoked Flavour

Knowing that you have a delicious evening meal to look forward to, can really help the chores fly by, but it is not easy to find meals with a difference on the high street. At Weald Smokery, it is. This is no better demonstrated than with our exquisite Craster Kippers. We deliver the authentic and luxuriously flavourful taste of these artisan kippers simply – by making sure our fish is sourced from highly regarded, long-term suppliers. Ensuring quality further, we can tell you exactly where each of our Craster kippers comes from.

Located in the heart of Craster village, on the North-East coast of England, L. Robson & Sons of Craster have been catching the raw herrings from the little harbour, and traditionally smoking them in their 19th Century smokehouse, to produce the legendary Craster Kippers since 1906.

Why Order Smoked Kippers from the Weald Smokery

We started our business to provide our good friends, and our local community in Kent, with the finest smoked food in the UK. But we have since grown to become a national supplier of artisan smoked meat, smoked fish, smoked cheese to restaurants and homeowners across the UK. Also providing luxurious and tailored smoked food hampers, you can further trust us because:

  • We are an Award-Winning Smokery
    Our numerous awards are a testament to the care and passion we put into everything we do, including sourcing the finest Craster kippers.
  • We Love Our Job
    We supply smoked kipper, whole and in kipper fillets, because of our passion for the best smoked food. Our love for flavour is also why we use a custom-made kiln and a traditional smoking process for our own smoked foods.
  • We Guarantee Uniquely Flavourful Smoked Whole Kippers
    With our commitment to tradition, our smoked kipper fillets are entirely artificial additive and preservative free, meaning you can trust in the perfect flavours and textures in every forkful.

Order Your Artisan Smoked Kipper Fish Today

Treat your family to a unique dish they will never forget by purchasing our artisan and award- winning smoked kipper fillets today. If you want to place a repeat order or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 01580 879 601.

“…Craster folk like their smoked kippers to look like fish, so they leave the head on – a fine tradition we’re happy to respect”Dan, Assistant Manager


2 Whole Kippers

KI01 450g

Suitable for 2 people. 1 fish each


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4 Fillets

KI02 225-250g

Suitable for 2 people. 2 fillets each


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