Ham, cooked on the premises.

We cook our ham on the premises, using unhurried, traditional methods, locking in moisture and flavour. A whole ham, either on or off the bone, is a thing of beauty that will feed a crowd, whilst a few slices, hand-carved and packed by us, will elevate a salad, and is an essential ingredient in a sandwich.

“Combined with some of our pickles will make this simple food something special”

Sliced Pack Unsmoked

HMS01 250g

on average 3 – 4 slices


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Half Ham Boneless

HM05 2.5kg


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Half Ham Bone In

HM04 3.5kg

Allow ten days for order.


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Whole Ham Boneless

HM03 5kg


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Whole Ham Bone In

HM02 7kg

Allow ten days for order.


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