The Finest Cooked Hams for Sale from Weald Smokery

At Weald Smokery all our cooked hams for sale are cooked on our premises in the Weald of Kent. Proudly maintaining close connections with local meat producers for over three decades, we only cook the finest Sussex gammon. By using traditional and unhurried methods, locking in moisture and flavour, we ensure your order delivers natural flavours – be it a whole ham with bone in, a boneless whole ham or sliced unsmoked ham. Whatever your order, we can deliver to any location in the UK within a matter of days.

Why Order Boneless Whole Ham from the Weald Smokery?

We started our business to supply our friends and the local community with the finest selection of smoked foods available. We are proud to have grown to become a multi-award-winning smokery, providing homes and restaurants throughout the UK with the finest artisan smoked foods, including our locally sourced cooked ham

Aside from our years of experience and partnerships with some of the UK’s leading suppliers of meats and fish, our locally sourced cooked ham is delightfully different because:

  • We Use Traditional Cooking Methods
    We give our Sussex hams a unique flavour by cooking them using a traditional method, which locks in all the moisture and flavour.
  • We Are Genuinely Passionate
    We do what we do because we take great pride in supplying the finest artisan foods on the market.
  • We Supply the Finest Meat, Fish, Wine and Cheese
    We have everything you need to complement your Sussex ham meal perfectly, with award-
    winning foods, always sourced from local and highly esteemed, reliable suppliers.

Order Our Cooked Hams for Sale Today

Whether you want to order whole ham with the bone in or sliced ham that is perfect for sandwiches and salads, at Weald Smokery we can accommodate you. Contact us today to learn more about our Sussex ham, other smoked fish, smoked meats and smoked cheese or to place an order for your smoked food. Alternatively, give us a call on 01580 879 601 with any questions or to place your order.

“Combined with some of our pickles will make this simple food something special” Jo, Shop Manager


Sliced Pack Unsmoked

HM01 250g

on average 3 – 4 slices


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Whole Ham Bone In

HM02 7kg

Allow ten days for order.


sorry, this product is currently out of stock

Whole Ham Boneless

HM03 5kg


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Half Ham Bone In

HM04 3.5kg

Allow ten days for order.


sorry, this product is currently out of stock

Half Ham Boneless

HM05 2.5kg


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