Our duck has a naturally rich flavour, which we enhance further by curing it with our special in-house mix including herbs and bay leaves winning Best Speciality Food Product in South East England at The Great Taste Awards.

The cured duck breasts are hot smoked over an oak fire, where they then spend further time in the kiln, steeping in the fresh, fragrant smoke.

“The finely cooked meat is tender and juicy. The flavours of the marinade and the oak combine nicely in the mouth. Make sure you try some” Dan, Head Smoker


DKS01 100g

On average 12-15 slices, cut on the long side. (As shown).


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Whole Breast

DK01 0.29kg

approx 290-330g


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Multi Packs

DKS02 500g

5 packs of 100g


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