We have selected classic British cheese for entertaining. These are whole cheeses you can have available to cut into for an occasion or simply to have during the festive period. Subject to availability.

“We have achieved a reputation for our wonderful selection of local and traditional farmhouse cheeses from the UK and Europe. Do come and try.” Emma, Shop Assistant

Colston Bassett Stilton

A classic stilton, rich and velvety smooth.

CH05 200g


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CH06 400g


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CH15 4kg

Half Stilton – approx 4kg. You can choose if you cut into it or dig into it!


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CH16 2.2kg

Baby Stilton, whole – approx 2.2kg


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CH17 1.1kg

Baby Stilton, Half approx 1.1kg


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Cheddar Truckles - West Country Wookey Hole

Cloth-bound, which allows the cheese to breath as it matures and develops its earthy profile. Ideal to dig into over a long festive time.

CH18 600g

Small Whole Truckle


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CH19 1.7kg

Large Whole Truckle


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Burwash Rose

A semi-soft, locally made, washed rind cheese, unpasteurised, creamy and sticky with a pungent aroma, it melts in the mouth.

CH20 700g

Whole cheese approx 700g


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Sussex Brie

A whole brie, made locally. Subtle smooth finish with a hint of nuttiness.

CH21 1.2kg

Whole Cheese – approx 1kg


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Vacherin Mont d’Or

This seasonal cheese is made from the milk of cows coming down from the mountain as the summer comes to an end, resulting in producing a soft, rich, quick-ripening cheese. It is encircled in spruce bark. It can be cut or spooned straight from the box.

CH24 750g

Whole approx 750g


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CH26 450g

Whole approx 450g


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Lord London

Made with pasteurised cow’s milk from local farms, Lord London has a clean citrus taste with an edible white rind. Unlike many cheeses this can be eaten straight from the fridge. To bake, cut the top off and stuff the bottom with herbs and garlic!

CH25 500g

Whole approx 500g


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