What Are the Benefits of Eating Smoked Food?

Smoked meats and fish have long been considered a delicacy on the gourmet food scene thanks to their deep and intense flavour enriched from the smoking process. At Weald Smokery, the exquisite taste of our products comes from our traditional method of burning locally-sourced oak, whose flavour is absorbed by foods like our smoked duck breasts and smoked rainbow trout.

We have no need to espouse the taste benefits of eating a smoked salmon bagel or smoked bacon sandwich, as they speak for themselves, but what other benefits could smoked foods bring to the table?

Smoked Food Provides Nutrients

The types of food which see the inside of our tailor-made kiln are often those which are naturally high in protein and amino acids – meat and fish especially. By creating nutritious high-protein foods which are enjoyable to eat, smoked food makes a great addition to any balanced diet. Smoked fish, in particular, is rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, whilst many smoked meats have a high iron content.

Low Fat Content

The smoking process often avoids many of the pitfalls which other types of meat-cooking experience with oils, fats and sauces. And this can make it a very low-fat cooking process. Additionally, smoking can actually serve to reduce the fat in foods, left as it is to drip out during the process, leaving an altogether healthier final product.

Preservation from Smoke

Traditionally, smoking was created as a method by which to preserve foods, and it still retains this benefit today. This means that smoked foods have a longer shelf life than normal cooked meats, so you can keep them in the fridge for longer and could even help reduce your family’s food waste.

Easy to Eat

Another key benefit of smoked foods is that they are easy to prepare (so long as someone else has completed the smoking process for you, that is!). At Weald Smokery, our smoked foods come ready to eat, so you can lay on an impressive gourmet dinner party without having to lift a finger, (nearly!). The intense flavour of smoked food is enough to lift any meal, meaning that you will only need simple side dishes.

High Quality Smoked Foods

When it comes to eating smoked foods, it is all about the quality. With our award-winning experience and expertise, we guarantee high-quality, ready to eat products every time.

With an extensive range of foods to choose from, from smoked cheese to smoked venison, we have something to suit every occasion and every palate. Our smoked food gift baskets are another great product that can provide the perfect present for a special occasion or celebration, while our luxury hampers can play a starring role at any event.

Weald Smokery: Smoked Foods for Every Occasion

Here at Weald Smokery, we have a deep understanding of the intricate food smoking process. Combined with our wonderful location on the Kent / Sussex borders and our expertise in sourcing only the best ingredients, it allows us to provide food that is consistently and constantly of a high quality.

Whether you are looking for the perfect dinner party dish, a gift for a loved one, or just a treat for yourself, then look no further than Weald Smokery.

You can buy products directly from our shop at Mount Farm, Flimwell, East Sussex, TN5 7QL, call us on 01580 879601, or order online for delivery direct to your door.