Peppered Smoked Mackerel

The Enhanced Flavour of Smoked Foods

The exact origin of smoking food is not entirely clear, though it is likely to date back to mankind’s first harnessing of fire. Food hung in a smoky cave, away from animals, would have resulted in a subtly different flavour, where it was probably also noticed that such foods preserved better. Later, pre-curing with brine or salt was added and preserving food by smoking grew around the world.

The Smoking Process

At Weald Smokery, we use both hot and cold smoking processes. Hot smoking exposes the food to both smoke and heat in a carefully controlled environment. The food is cooked and absorbs the wood smoke flavours simultaneously. Food that has been hot smoked is generally safe to eat without any further cooking. Even though the term used is hot smoking, temperatures are generally lower than 80 C, which keeps the meat moist and tender. Cold Smoking differs in that the food absorbs the smoky flavours and moisture is removed gently to preserve texture.

The Weald Smokery Story

Nearly 30 years ago, the Weald Smokery set out to provide truly authentic smoked food products and, with passion and dedication, has been successfully doing so ever since. Our kiln was custom built and uses locally produced oak, pre-chopped to specific sizes, to ensure an even burn, and then when the fire doors are closed, it allows the smoky flavours of the wood to work their magic on the meat.

If you are looking for smoked food today, the Weald Smokery has a varied product list of smoked meats, smoked fish and smoked cheese, with particular delights including

There is also, of course, our award winning smoked venison.

A Long List of Awards

We are very proud of the recognition our fine quality products have been receiving consistently over the years.

The Great Taste Awards are the UK’s undisputed benchmark for fine food. Since 1998, we have received at least one Great Taste award every year and sometimes as many as four – including Best delicatessen in the South East.

Buying Quality Smoked Food Products

In our early days we focused on local customers, friends and family. Today though, we are delighted to welcome everyone who really loves food to buy our smoked food online and sample our deep, rich and intriguing flavours.

Aside from individual items, we also offer a fantastic selection of gift boxes and stunning hampers which make for a unique and memorable gift

If you are in the area, please come and check out our shop at Mount Farm located in Flimwell, East Sussex. Together with our smoked products, we have a delicatessen offering, which will have every gourmet’s taste buds tantalisingly tempted. We also stock hand selected wines, gins and vodkas, and our shop has a mind boggling array of options both sweet and savoury for every palate. You can also pop into our café, with many of our products incorporated into what has proven to be an exciting and popular, high quality menu.

To order tailored hampers or ask any questions, please call us on 01580 879601.