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Why Smoked Foods and Dinner Parties Are the Perfect Match

Whether you are looking to get old friends together, showing off your new kitchen, or putting your culinary skills to the test, a dinner party is a great way to pass an evening. When it comes to being the host with the most, however, the right preparation is essential.

The main event is, of course, the food, and with tensions running high it can often be difficult to get your timings right. If you want a fail-safe option that is sure to impress all of your guests, then smoked food could be the perfect solution.

Weald Smokery Smoking Process

Here at Weald Smokery, we have refined the slow smoking cooking process for over 30 years, and with our specially built kiln and locally-sourced wood chips, all of our smoked meat, fish and cheese is packed full of deep and intense flavour.

Our knowledgeable, passionate and experienced owner/smoker carefully tends to all of our products with an expert eye throughout the process, ensuring that they are smoked to perfection every time. We use the very best ingredients selected from the UK’s green land and blue seas, so that you know you are getting top quality produce every time.

Tantalise the Taste Buds

To kick off your dinner party, our smoked salmon is ideal for simple and delightful recipes. Try salmon and cream cheese blinis – the perfect thing to tantalise the taste buds of your guests.

Following this, our smoked rainbow trout tastes wonderful in a salad, with crispy lettuce, sweet tomato, tangy lemon juice, creamy mayo and finely diced shallot. The fresh flavours make a light but intense start to your meal that will certainly prepare the palate.

Moving onto the Main

For a warming winter dish, our smoked Toulouse sausages and smoked bacon are the perfect combination for a cassoulet with added kick. Be sure to include plenty of veggies, garlic, celery, parsley and haricot beans for the ideal blend of rich flavours. This dish may sound fancy, but it is incredibly easy to make and is sure to impress.

For a lighter alternative in the summer months, you can create a meaty salad with our smoked duck breasts, using fresh mango, lettuce, chillies and sesame seeds. Top with a plum sauce dressing and bready dough sticks for a delicious Asian-fusion treat.

And to Finish…

What better or more typically British way to finish your meal than with a cheese board? At Weald Smokery, our smoked cheeses include vintage cheddar and stilton, while we also have some simply wonderful unsmoked cheeses – the ideal selection for any cheeseboard.

Easy Preparation

With our smoked foods, you can let the flavour do the talking. Our ready cooked meat and fish needs very little preparation, meaning you can focus on prep, presentation and finessing the house decorations. Smoked foods provide a gourmet touch that will wow your guests, and, with our smoked food gift baskets, you can treat them with the ideal gift for their next birthday.

Weald Smokery: Fine Smoked Foods for That Special Occasion

If you want a taste of our fine smoked goods, you can purchase our products directly from our shop at Mount Farm, Flimwell, East Sussex, TN5 7QL, call us on 01580 879601, or order and buy online for delivery direct to your door.