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The Increasing Popularity Of Cold Smoked Food

Cold smoking isn’t about cooking the food, rather it is about removing moisture and imparting subtle flavours. As the name suggests, very little heat is used to complete this process, but there is the challenge. As the saying goes: ‘there is no smoke without fire’. But, in order to cold smoke, we want the smoke but we don’t want the heat – the fire. It is a difficult process, but, with our years of experience, dedication and passion, our developed craft allows us to produce fantastic results every time. And we are able to deliver the tastiest smoked food to you every day – the perfect combination of our traditional smoking methods and the beauty of being able to buy smoked foods online with Weald Smokery.

How Cold Smoking Works

Smoked food at the Weald Smokery is normally cured before smoking, and the purpose of the curing process is to take out the moisture, which allows more absorption of the wood smoke into the food. We aspire to ensure that our smoked meat takes on a unique flavour. When we cold smoke our food, the outside of the meat stays relatively soft, allowing the full flavour of the smoke to penetrate the food that gives you the great award winning taste we are proudly known for.

The Right Temperature

When we cold smoke our food at the Weald Smokery, it is a little more complex than hot smoking, because we have to be sure that the smoking temperature is well controlled and the environmental conditions are taken into account. Experienced and skilled, our smoker can maintain an even temperature by keeping the special timber separate from the smoking location.

This process allows us to provide you with the best smoked duck breasts and smoked bacon. if you want to try a balanced selection of our products, why not order some smoked food gift baskets for your friends and family? Our fine food hampers also make for ideal gifts for any occasion and at any time of the year.

Safety, Quality and Home Delivery

We have a proud reputation that is second to none. When it comes to the process of preparing all our smoked foods and we take great pride in our work, as well as the passion and many years of experience.

This means that at the Weald Smokery we take food safety and hygiene very seriously – as seriously as the quality of the smoked food that you buy from us. Delivered fresh to your door, it is immeasurably safe for consumption as well as being impeccably delicious.

Next time that you are in the area, call into our store at Mount Farm, Flimwell, East Sussex, TN5 7QL and see what we have to offer, or give us a call on 01580 879601 and sample some of the best smoked food products available.