The Old Methods Are the Best

Food maybe essential to sustain life but it is also essential in helping make life as full, fun and flavourful as possible. Something to be enjoyed, something to be savoured and something to share socially too – if you can increase the flavour of any dish and create a truly mouth-watering feast, then of course it should be done! Life is too short to enjoy mediocre food. And it is here that smoked food excels.

Smoking food has been practiced for thousands of years and works to increase the taste and texture in ways that are deep, rich and moreish. Smoked food will always have that delicious wood smoked flavour too, of course – something which you just cannot get without using a traditional smoke method. With our own tailor-made brick-kiln, this is even more noticeable.

We offer a range of smoked food from our Sussex base, including:

It means you can be sure of the most flavourful, locally sourced smoked meat, with an award-winning heritage.

How is Food Smoked?

Smoked venison is one of our most popular smoked meats, from Sussex to the rest of the UK. That could be for one of two reasons. Firstly, venison is lower in fat than regular meat, such as beef; secondly, it is just so downright delicious. Oh, and it is award-winning.

Our excellence in smoked food does not stop with our smoked venison however. With years of experience and dedication, our smoking process ensures that whatever meat or fish we smoke is done so to perfection.

For our food smoking at Weald Smokery we had our very own kiln designed and built to our exacting specifications. Crafted from brick with an open fire pit burning locally-sourced oak, it is a hands-on process that allows us to know just the right time, temperature no matter the food.

Once the meat, cheese or fish is smoked to perfection, it is chilled straightaway, and vacuum packed to maintain the intense flavour.

The Perfect Gift?

Our smoked food hampers and gift baskets are a truly wonderful gift for a family member or a dear friend. There is nothing more touching than a gift that is not only nourishing, but one that is truly tasty at the same time.

You know the people in your life best, and we have a range of hampers on offer to suit all preferences and budgets. With summer coming up, make the most of those great British sunny days with one of our gift baskets or smoked food hampers. In Sussex or wherever you are, why not head off on a picnic with a difference?

We can also put together a bespoke hamper for you. Visitors to our Mount Farm shop can select their favourite products from our extensive range of smoked delicacies.

Order your smoked food today

If this has your interest piqued, contact us today or come and check out our range of products for yourself. Weald Smokery is located at Mount Farm, Flimwell, East Sussex, TN5 7QL. Or shop with us online. Either way, you will certainly leave our shop with your mouth watering.