A Rough Guide to Smoking Meat

Historically, Sussex locals preserved their food by smoking it with the oak they found. The added bonus was that this slow process of cooking helped to add flavour and tenderise meat and fish. Today it has become a true art form, loved by food aficionados everywhere. Here at Weald Smokery we have been producing delicious smoked meat in Sussex for 30 years, so as our customers will testify, we do know a thing or two.

It all starts with a kiln

Every element of producing smoked foods is important, and this starts with having the finest possible kiln. Our kiln was specifically built for us by local craft workers, working to our own design and specification.

The knack of wood

Essential to the entire process for the finest smoked foods is the selection and preparation of the burning logs. Adding flavour as well as the heat to cook the food, we use oak from the forests and woodlands of Kent and Sussex. Smoked meat treated to this care and attention is moist, full of flavour and delightfully textured for a truly rewarding mouth-feel.

Experienced eyes

As much as the kiln and wood ensure the smoking process here at Weald Smokery is one of tradition, as well as flavour, the most important part is the smoker – it is their experience and knowledge that ensure unsurpassed results every time. From sourcing the right wood, chopping it to the perfect size, and knowing with ingrained instinct when to start smoking, our smoker gives time, care, attention and passion at every stage.

From field, to fire, to fork

The food that is taken out of the kiln is, of course, what makes the hard work, dedication and effort at every stage worth every moment. Sourcing the best raw ingredients is therefore vital to our success. Whether it our smoked duck breasts or our two gold-star winning smoked venison, we only work with the finest suppliers who we trust and rely on thanks to our long-term relationships.

Intense and complex relationships

The true intensity of smoked meat, as well as our smoked cheeses and smoked fish, is delivered thanks to a wonderful relationship between the fragrant smoke, the heat and the ingredients. There is another ingredient that plays a role too though. We are also purveyors of the finest cold smoked foods from Sussex and Kent, with our cold smoking process truly allowing deep and complex flavours to come to the fore.

Pay a Visit to Weald Smokery

Hot or Cold, you can always count on Weald Smokery for all your smoked meat, smoked fish and smoked cheese with Sussex and Kent at its heart. By continuing to produce our smoked products using traditional techniques, in 30 years, we have become known as one of the best artisan food producers in the UK.

So why not head down and buy products from our shop and smokery at Mount Farm, Flimwell, East Sussex, TN5 7QL?